YCP Flex卡

的 YCP身份证 serves as the York Flex Card with debit card capability for the York College community. 的 card is accepted for purchases and services both on and off campus. 您可以在我们的餐厅使用它, 咖啡馆, 自动售货机等, and you'll find several neighboring businesses accept Flex Card as payment, 太.

我想加到你的账户里? You can simply drop off a deposit at the 业务办公室 with cash or personal check. Or you can securely deposit flex dollars online with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover)


  • 的re is no per transaction charge for deposits or purchases.
  • Money that is not spent will be carried from semester to semester while continuously enrolled.
  • Flex dollars are neither transferable nor refundable.
  • No cash withdrawals or money order purchases can be made with the York College Flex Card.
  • York College is not responsible for funds used on lost or stolen cards.
Johnson Dining Hall is just one of numerous places students can use the York College Flex Card.
Johnson Dining Hall is just one of numerous places students can use the York College Flex Card.
York College flex card, an ID card for student used for identification and for making purchases.
的 YCP Flex卡: Don't leave your room without it.


Your flex card is truly flexible because it can be used so many places for so many reasons. It's not just for food — you don't need to dig around your sofa for loose change to do laundry. This also makes it easy for your family to send you money to use around campus, because they can simply deposit money into your flex account and you're covered for everything from using the copier to buying items at the 斯巴达式的商店. 考虑以下选择:
  • 斯巴达式的商店 Purchases; Small Balance 业务办公室 Transactions
  • Digital Copier 服务; Schmidt 图书馆 Sign-out & 罚款
  • All Chartwells Dining 设施; 自动售货机; 洗衣机
  • Computer Lab Printers; Campus 邮政中心s
  • Flex Card Vendors - Note: Azteca Mexican Grill is now Rosita's Mexican Grill.


  • 我如何获得YCP弹性卡?

    YCP伸缩卡实际上是您的YCP ID卡. 你可以在 校园安全 办公室.

  • 你怎样把钱存入你的弹性存款账户?

    Patrons may deposit with either cash or personal check at the York College 业务办公室.
    Patrons may securely deposit flex dollars into their account over the Internet with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa或Discover),请使用以下连结:

    • 现在存款                                                            
    • 管理帐户                                              
  • 弹性卡上的“付印”是什么?

    Full-time students will receive a credit of $10 per semester for free copies and prints. Part-time students will receive $5 credit per semester, and summer students will receive $5 print credit per term when using print/copy services. After the credit is used, your Flex Card account will be charged. 

  • How do you replace lost, stolen, or damaged flex cards?

    你应该丢掉你的大学身份证吗, report it immediately to the Department of Public Safety by calling 717.815.1403 8点到8点之间.m. 还有5p.m. or 717.815.1314 下午5点以后.m. You may also log on to the Flex Card management site and click the "lost/stolen" link and follow procedures from there. Your old card will be deactivated and a new one will be issued for a fee of $20.00.

  • Who do I contact if I have any problems with my flex account?
  • 我可以多久使用一次弹性信用卡?


  • Is there a minimum amount per purchase on the flex card?

    No. You may purchase any item or service with your Flex Card as long as there is enough money presently on your card.

  • 谁可以使用弹性卡系统?

    所有大学生, 管理员, faculty and staff with a YCP ID will be able to use the flex dollar system.

Miller Administration Building, Room 8 (Lower Level)
电话: 717.815.1470
传真: 717.849.1620





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