A colonial-style brick building shopfront has a embedded signage reading Gunter-Smith 社区参与中心, 后面是宾夕法尼亚ladbrokes立博亚洲的标志.


  • 谁应该参加??

    Undergraduate students of any major who are interested in developing and conducting research projects to expand our knowledge and improve our practices in fields of composition, 修辞, 写作中心的研究也应该参加.

  • 我如何申请出席和旅行补助金?

    First, read the call for proposals, then you can apply for attendance and for a travel grant. 

  • 我必须有一个项目开始参加吗?

    Though we value any experience with research that you bring to the workshop, you do not have to have conducted or prepared any research before attending; the most important thing is that you have considered a topic—or several—that interest you. But if you do have research underway, that’s great! 我们可以帮你更上一层楼. The application process will help you articulate the stage you have reached, 我们会帮你的. 会议期间, you will have the opportunity to focus your research question, 方法实验, 起草(或充实)你的项目. The ideas that you generate at the conference will be shared in a poster session to fellow workshop participants so you can get real-time feedback. So, just hope come ready to talk about the topics that interest you and we can work with you at any stage of the process.

  • 我该带什么呢??

    Please bring a laptop to use during the individual work section of the workshop (if you do not have one, a laptop will be provided upon request) and notes from any of your previous research that you are interested in building upon.

    You should also have access to any materials related to the research you are doing. 我们会提供其他的东西.

  • 校园交通方便吗??

    York College's campus and the hotel visiting students and faculty stay in are fairly accessible; however, if you have any special concerns about accessibility, please do not hesitate to send an email to one of the addresses provided below: we want you here. There is also a space on the application form to list special needs.

  • 参加工作坊的费用是多少?

    If you receive a Naylor Scholarship and Travel Grant,  all meals and lodging will be provided free of charge, and you may receive funds to cover or offset other travel expenses. When you apply, you will also be considered for this travel grant. 大多数与会者也是通过这种方式获得资助的.

    If you are a 宾夕法尼亚ladbrokes立博亚洲 student, there are no fees.

    Since we strive to make the workshop financially accessible, if you have special financial needs in order to attend, 请在申请表上告诉我们.

  • What meals are included with the workshop registration?

    Six meals will be provided during the conference: dinner if you can join us on Friday evening, 早餐, lunch and dinner on Saturday and 早餐 and lunch on Sunday. You can list dietary needs on the application form.

  • 研讨会在哪里举行?

    The workshop will be held in the 社区参与中心 at 59. E. 宾夕法尼亚州约克市的市场街. 当地一家旅馆提供住宿. More detailed instructions as to where to meet in these buildings for the workshops will be shared at a later date.

  • 推荐的学生服装是什么?

    The opening banquet and plenary on Friday night is business casual. 车间的其余部分很随意. We encourage you to wear comfortable shoes and check the local weather before you arrive. Bring a sweater, in case we have cool evenings or if you are sensitive to air conditioning. 底线:穿让你觉得有创意的衣服!