A colonial-style brick building shopfront has a embedded signage reading Gunter-Smith 社区参与中心, followed by the 宾夕法尼亚ladbrokes立博亚洲 logo.



多米尼克DelliCarpini is the 内勒写作研究教授 and Dean of the 社区参与中心 at 宾夕法尼亚ladbrokes立博亚洲, where he also served 13 years as Writing Program Administrator, 担任首席学术官5年, 以及学术评议会主席. He is the author/editor of five writing textbooks as well as numerous articles and book chapters. His presentations and publications derive from his identity as a teacher, 管理员, 和社区活动家/倡导者. He has written and presented on topics related to civic engagement, 编写程序管理, 还有第一年的写作教学. 

DelliCarpini获得了B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania, and Masters and Ph.D. 他来自宾夕法尼亚州立大学, where he was an Edwin Earle Sparks Fellow and recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for the College of Liberal Arts. Dr. DelliCarpini served as President and Executive Board member of the Council of Writing Program Administrators, national Secretary of The Conference on College Composition and Communication, and a member of the national Committee on 本科研究. Dr. DelliCarpini was named recipient of the 2017 York County Economic Alliance “Spirit of York County” Award for community service, and the 2010 Professional Service and Leadership Award by York College. He was appointed by Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf to the board of PennSERVE, 总督公共服务委员会, and elected as Board Director for the Pennsylvania Humanities Council. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the York County Libraries, 约克郡社区基金会, the York County Bar Foundation (for which he served as President), 健康约克联盟, 以及其他各种社区组织. DelliCarpini founded and administers the annual Naylor Workshop on 本科研究, 今年是第9个年头, 他是…的联合编辑 The Naylor Report on 本科研究 in Writing Studies 以及其他关于这个主题的文章. 

在慷慨捐助者的支持下, and with the leadership of the 社区参与中心 team, his work supports the Urban Collaborative (which aims at housing equity and stability), 亚瑟·J. Glatfelter公共政策研究所 (which does research in support of economic mobility), the Institute for Social Healing (which provides intellectual support for trauma-based care) and the 变革者 Service Network (which oversees service learning at the College). The Center also actively engages with and financially supports the Group Violence Intervention team, who are working to improve the lives of those impacted by gun violence and the resultant trauma. 

在所有这些角色中, he has admired and learned from those who lack privilege in the York community for their ability to take care of one another, and for the ways they have claimed and used their own language(s)—which are, 在他们心中, 爱和关怀的语言.

多米尼克DelliCarpini, 内勒写作研究教授 and Dean of the York College 社区参与中心
Naylor Workshop on 本科研究 in Writing Studies
59 E. 纽约州约克市市场街,邮编17401
电话: 717.815.1213