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写论文, 设计网站, giving presentations—college students from all majors are constantly composing. These forms of writing are all vital ways in which students can learn, 分享他们学到的东西, and develop their communication skills as future professionals.

The 写作与传播工作室 supports how all forms of writing and communication are taught and learned at York College. 我们寻求提供空间, services, and programming to cultivate a community of writers across the campus, and work to encourage both students and tutors to continually grow as communicators.

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The 写作与传播工作室 offers a quiet space to work, 以及研讨会, individual consultations for student works-in-progress, 还有三种写作辅导课程.
  • 面对面的辅导


    We believe that everyone benefits from talking to someone about their composing. 我们训练有素的员工可以帮助您:

    • 生成的想法
    • 组织你的草稿
    • 根据老师的反馈进行修改
    • 精炼句子,编辑句子,使之清晰
    • 编辑视觉设计
    • 正确格式化引文
    • 提供你需要的其他反馈.

    导师不会帮你写作或编辑. Rather, they work alongside you to help you create the best composition you can. 我们是来教你的, and we hope you will be able to use what you learn with us in your future communication.

    在hum11进行面对面的辅导. 预约时间是30或60分钟.

  • 变焦辅导


    除了面对面的辅导, you have the option to attend a virtual meeting with a tutor to discuss your projects or assignments.


    • Upload your draft or share a Google document of your assignment and assignment prompt before your appointment
    • 有可靠的网络连接吗
    • 都位于安静的地方
    • Have a device with a microphone and, if possible, a camera.


  • 论文评审


    Our 论文评审 service allows you to upload a copy of an assignment and receive feedback from a tutor to help you revise. 就像我们的面对面服务一样, 论文评审不是一项编辑服务, 所以导师不会批改你的论文. Instead, they will provide questions and suggestions to help you make changes to your own writing.


    • You will upload a copy of your draft AND your assignment sheet on your appointment form. 
    • By 9 p.m. 你预约的那天, you will receive an email with feedback from the tutor. 
    • You can access this feedback any time after it is returned by viewing your appointment on 斯巴达学习服务.


  • 写作辅导要多少钱?

    Nothing! 辅导是学费的一部分.

  • 我多久可以接受一次辅导?

    Students can have up to one in-person or Zoom appointment per day with a Writing Tutor and up to three 论文评审 appointments per week.

  • 我去哪里补习?

    面对面的约会发生在写作中 & 交流工作室, 在11号人文教室, 位于人文建筑的下层.


  • 预约时间多长??

    You can choose to make a 30- or 60-minute appointment.

    30分钟的约会 是伟大的:

    • Understanding an assignment and initial brainstorming
    • 撰写论文
    • 寻求校对方面的帮助
    • 引用的帮助
    • 四页或更短的作业

    60分钟的约会 是伟大的: 

    • 深入的头脑风暴和计划
    • 负责组织和创意开发
    • 五页或以上的长篇作业(超过8-10页的作业, you may not be able to review the entire document within a single session.)
  • 我需要预约吗?

    如果有家教的话,我们也接受预约, we recommend making an appointment to guarantee you will be able to work with a tutor. 你可以通过电话预约 斯巴达学习服务.

  • 我需要更改或取消我的约会. 我怎么做呢?

    You can modify or cancel your appointment at any time by logging into 斯巴达学习服务, 去赴约, and clicking either the blue “Edit Appointment” button or red “Cancel Appointment” button.

  • Do I have to have a complete draft of an assignment to work with a tutor?

    No! 导师可以在学习过程的任何阶段与你合作, from getting started and brainstorming to final editing and proofreading.

  • 我应该带什么去补习班?

    Bring any materials you have related to the specific assignment you are working on, 包括作业提示, notes, 来自同学或教授的反馈, 还有你的草稿. You can bring hard-copy or electronic copies of materials.

    写作部有电脑可用 & 交流工作室 that you can use during your appointment to view electronic materials.

  • 我预约了论文评审? 我什么时候能收到导师的反馈?

    您将在晚上9点前收到反馈.m. 你预约的那天. Look for an email notification with a copy of the tutor’s feedback.

    另外, you can access the tutor’s feedback any time once it’s been submitted by going back to your appointment in 斯巴达学习服务. 超过8-10页的作业, a tutor may not be able to review the entire document within a single session. 

Phone: 717.815.1296
星期一至星期四:上午9点.m. - 8 p.m.
星期五:上午9点.m. - 5 p.m.
星期一至星期四:上午9点.m. - 5 p.m.